Concrete Runs
Chain link barriers
Unlike any kennel you've ever seen!!
24 Hour On-Site Presence
Skilled Compassionate Staff
Genuine Hotel Ambiance
Carefully matched play groups
Six Large Secure Yards
No unsupervised play/exercise
Experienced in meds & conditions
Your diet, your amount, your schedule
12 month climate control
Fully alarmed for fire, smoke & security

It's not just how we look. It's not just how we do things. It's not just the windows, the beds, the artwork, the TVs, the chandeliers and the yards. Or... the spontaneous cuddles, the puppy pep talks, the group soccer games or relay races. And it's not just the fact that you can count on us to do exactly what we say we're going to do.

It's also because we are the first choice of people who never considered boarding their dog before we existed; people who love their dogs as parents do their children. It's because people travel 60 miles out of their way to bring their dogs to us. It's because veterinarians know us; trust us. It's the fact that our staff considers this a profession, rather than a job. It's because we have solid, internationally recognized credentials and achievements.

It's the way we relate to our guests. And the way they respond to us. Dogs don't lie. It's the unvarnished happy truth on their faces. It's how they act when they know they're coming here. And how they behave once they return home. It's not any one thing, really. It's everything put together.
It's more than the beds, TVs and windows. It's precisely why traditional kennels won't -- can't -- duplicate us... Why choose Bowsers? Because we're the best boarding facility you can imagine. Because your dog deserves it. Because if the name isn't Bowserszzz, chances are, you're barking up the wrong tree.
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