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                                euro coins        #1)    Cross the Pond!!euro 

Considering the euro's recent steep drop, this is the best time

 to visit Europe in the last 12 years!   

 Between now and May 15th, reserve a stay of 14 or more days occurring anytime 

between June 1st and Dec. 31st. 2015.  

Lock it in with a 5 day non-refundable deposit. Provide proof of travel and at check-in, 

we'll hand you 50 euros. 

All you have to do is think:

Carpe Diem!    (then)

                                                         Just. Do. It.




Every shelter has its limits.  To make room for the next unwanted dog, shelter doors have to open...and close.  If you're thinking of finding a friend for life, please visit your shelter and adopt. Animals have little or no choice what happens to them. It's up to us. Find a gem. Discover a diamond in the rough. Visit a shelter. Listen to your  intuition.Then open your heart to unconditional love.
Provide proof of a 2015 canine rescue/adoption from a registered shelter and get a 20%  discount on all boarding & grooming through  Dec. 31, '15.      Adopt an all-black dog  and make that a 25%  discount. 


#3) Stay Longer Pay Less Memorial Day Give-Away

(Hey!  Hey!! and Yay!) Reserve a room for three or more days over the May 25th weekend with a 3 day non refundable deposit. Enjoy extended check-out  hours ( to 4 p.m.!!) on  pick up day.  What's that mean to you? Simple! Aan extra day without the pay.
Restrictions: Closed to human patrons all day Memorial Day 
    Sorry, no rebates on 'cut back' days.

      mem day




poop  !!!

So Many Offers ... So Little Space to Plop Them

Here's the...scoop...Check this favorite corner in our Web Offers field often. You never know when we might leave a little surprise.!!!