Do We Need A Reservation
Let's put it this way: We need to know you're coming before you arrive. All our rooms are sanitized between occupancies -- and that takes time. So, just like a hotel, we have to make sure the room is available and immaculate before our guests arrive. We also need to make sure required vaccines are current as well as find out whether there are any changes in your dog's health. If you're already an established customer, just give us a call. Same goes if you haven't used our facility before, but we'll need about 10 minutes of your time to open an account.
What Do You Charge
You're going to be very pleasantly surprised when you learn that our hotel rates are actually lower than fees charged by most established kennels in the area. We offer significant discounts for multi-dog families who stay together (plus we have several over-sized rooms for larger dogs and families) as well as discounts based on length of stay and other variables. And, remember, there are NO EXTRA fees for what we consider "basic services" such as exercise and play. Please click on our Rates and Policies page for more info. Gift Certificates available.
What If My Dog Takes Medication
Not a problem for us. In fact, it's fairly common. Veterinarians trust us. We're skilled in the administration of everything from pills and ointments to insulin, sub Q fluids, BG tests and rectal diazepam/valium. We also know how to express bladders and brush teeth. And we're methodical about admin times and dosages.
Do You Need a Deposit
The simplest answer is: sometimes. During peak seasons and other times of the year when we anticipate a full house, we may ask for a deposit. This guarantees that a room has been reserved for you. It also assures us that we won't have to needlessly turn away others because something has come up and someone has forgotten to cancel a reservation. As you probably know, deposits are an established practice within the "people vacation" industry. They secure reservations and maximize operating efficiency. They do the same for us.
What if My Dog Gets Sick
First of all, we don't believe in surprises. If we have any concerns regarding your dog's health we contact you. If you are unavailable, we contact your designated contact. Doctor visits are rare but sometimes just to be safe -- especially with pre existing conditions -- we may think it's wise. In all cases, we contact you, we act in a timely manner and we always act in the dog's best interest.
What Are Your Hours
The facility operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But to make a reservation, tour the facility, schedule a pick-up or drop-off time or just stop in, you'll need to speak to someone at the Reception Desk. Need more specific info on Desk hours? Give us a call.
How Do We Pay You
Master, Visa & Discover credit cards,
debit cards, cash or check.
What Should I Bring
Enough of your dog's normal diet (canned, dry & treats) to cover the stay. If the food runs out, we're happy to pick up more. You should leave bowls at home but if your dog eats from a raised stand, bring that. Also: any favorite toys, cookies, a favorite bed or blankie. And something that carries your scent; we suggest an UNWASHED sweatshirt, pillow case, etc. But, please, NO RAWHIDE chews of any sort. And if your little one is used to napping in a crate, feel free to bring it along.
What Vaccines Do You Require
Our standard requirement for boarding, grooming and daycare is up-to-date rabies, distemper and "kennel cough" (bordetella). Don't trouble yourself looking for the documents, we'll check with your veterinarian before you arrive. In some instances, veterinarians prefer to waive certain vaccines due to age or pre-existing conditions. That's fine, too. Your veterinarian has the final say.
Can Someone Visit My Dog While I'm Away
Aren't you nice! Of course!! Just make sure we know you've authorized the visit by giving us the person's name and remind them to bring ID.
What About Security
We consider security extremely important. Some might say we go overboard. But we just don't think it's possible to be too careful. We maintain security on everything -- from doors, yards, gates, rooms and windows to making sure that the only people who have access to your dog are those you authorize. There also is someone on the property around the clock and a state of the art security system for fire, smoke, motion and intrusion. We know you are trusting us with a very important -- and irreplaceable -- family member. We take that responsibility very seriously.
If I Wanted to Work for You....
If you have strong, recent and verifiable credentials in the animal care profession, have an exceptional rapport with dogs, are honest, totally reliable and understand that the dogs' needs come first, we'd love to meet you!
(207) 457-2000