Fun Stuff

Ever stay at a place where you had to pay extra if you wanted someone to play with the kids, or if you wanted to use the golf course or the recreational equipment?

It won't happen here. At BOWSERSzzz, playtime and socialization are all part of the same great service package. It's "price fix" not ala carte. If a guest has normal interactive skills -- and you give us the OK -- your social butterfly will have a ball playing with other guests in one or more of our six fully enclosed, self contained yards. Many times a day; always accompanied by staff. At no extra cost. That's a promise. Prefer only human companionship for your baby? That's no problem -- and no extra cost -- either. You decide. You're the boss. We know that making sure everyone's relaxed, having fun and staying safe are all equally important. And we aim to please.

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In addition to our multiple yards, we also have three indoor, heated and air conditioned playrooms. Extreme weather never rains on our parade!

When you watch the slideshow, you'll also see that our guest rooms are spacious enough for impromptu family fun and games should the mood strike. If someone wants to act like a rock star on a lost weekend in our hotel, it's perfectly fine with us. If you can't have fun on vacation, what's the point?

We think you also should know that play groups are selected by energy levels, compatibility and are ALWAYS kept small for safety and supervised by one or more senior handlers. We don't take chances and we don't cut corners...

Hmmm. Come to think of it, that's the same way we do Daycare!

  • 6 fully enclosed & safe play yards
  • NO ADDITIONAL FEE for exercise & play groups; multiple times a day
  • Guaranteed small play groups
  • All play groups selected for energy, compatibilty and your knowledge of your dog's behavior
  • All groups constantly supervised by highly skilled staff
  • Private, one-on-one play & exercise also available at no additional cost
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