You've probably already noticed that we do things differently than traditional kennels. That's also true of our pricing structure. If we haven't already convinced you that Bowserszzz provides the best boarding in New England, maybe this will help: our prices are so competitive, they're going to sell themselves.*

Our rate structure is based on factors such as length of stay, the number of family dogs you'll be boarding and the number of rooms needed to accomodate everyone. But it gets a little complicated due to high and shoulder season rates, major holidays and medical requests. If a visit to the Fur Couffure Salon also is part of the package, we'll need to know. Our Daycare Service, known as the best out there,continues to provide superior care at bargain-and-a-half rates. So much so that we've reached the stage where  we often need firm commitments for particular days and seasons. We can accomodate virtually any need that exists -- as long as we have enough advance time to plan accordingly.

Have a family of dogs? That's another reason you're going to love us! With a background in animal welfare, we strongly support and admire responsible people who adopt more than one dog. As proof, we offer deep discounts for multiple dog families who stay together in the same room..PLUS we have several REALLY BIG rooms for larger dogs and big families.

Regardless, whether you live with one or a half a dozen, we know you're going to find that our level of service is superior and our rates are highly competitive with any other facility  worthy of serious consideration. So...What do we charge? The answer's easy: Know your dates and give one of our Hospitality Specialists a call!.

And, remember, cats who vacation at CATNAPSzzz, our feline-only hotel for cats in Berwick, ME., enjoy a Five Star vacation of their own -- at reduced rates -- when their dog siblings stay at BOWSERSzzz. (But you HAVE TO TELL us you're a bi-species family!) 



Reservations are required for boarding, grooming and daycare

Whatever your Veterinarian considers to be up to date vaccines for rabies, distemper & bordetella; ideally 10 days prior to arrival. Don't trouble yourself with the paperwork, we'll contact your vet

Accurate disclosure of dog's health history, social temperament & any behavioral quirks is vital to prevent any unnecessary calls from us while you're away. 

Reliable contact numbers for you and/or your designate while you're away

On file authorization for visits/ pick-ups by someone other than you

Provision of meds and normal diet adequate to cover stay

Please, notify us of cancellations and changes in arrival & pick-up dates and times...We tend to run full so weekends, holidays, holiday weeks and anytime during summer season are particularly important

Non refundable deposit and minimum stay may be required

Payment in full (check, cash, Master, Visa or Discover) upon departure

 We depend on you so you can depend on us

*(But don't take our word for it; be a savvy shopper. Tour us, tour other facilities and then compare value and price for yourself.)
So... Would You Like
to Make a Reservation?

During peak times, traditional kennels have the option of pulling more crates and metal cages from storage rooms to "accomodate" every request that comes in. We don't. That's not how we do business.

When every one of our rooms is booked, we're full. That's why solid reservations are so important. You count on us to provide the best possible care; we count on you to keep your reservation.

The vast majority of our customers call us as soon as they know they're going away. Some even call to book before they make their travel reservations.

We can't imagine better customer feed-back than that!


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