We're here to put you -- and our guests -- at ease, so an awful lot of Special Requests aren't really special requests at all. Nonetheless people who've used other facilities often expect they'll have to negotiate fees for anything other than "bare bones" boarding. We see things a little differently.
Special Requests
That Aren't Special Requests
  • Supplements and pills readily consumed in food
  • Serving the same diet as eaten at home
  • Private or group outdoor play throughout the day
  • One-on-one human attention/affection
  • Cuddles Geriatric assists
  • Mid day snacks
  • Training reinforcement
  • Maintaining potty routines
  • Birthday parties during stay
Special Diet Prep:
(We've served everything from raw diets and 'veggie noodle casseroles' to braised steak tips and stew. And, not to worry: We have fridges, freezers & microwaves throughout our multiple kitchen locations.)
Special Requests That
Special Requests
  • Pick up &/or Delivery
  • Diapering
  • Paraplegic Cart Requirement
  • Pre-existing vet appointments
  • Meds Administration-
      - everything from pills to salves and sub Q fluids to BG tests & insulin
  • Specific Room Requests
  • Groomings & Manicures
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Special Occasion Cookies
  • Photo Requests
So, let's start with what, at least as far as our guests are concerned, are basic needs.

Dogs just wanna have fun...and... go potty... A lot. Because we don't board in cages or runs, our guests can expect to follow the same "bathroom privileges" they enjoy at home. We're often told that because they aren't forced to relieve themselves in the same area where they eat and sleep, going outside to potty (just like at home) prevents a lot of nasty accidents once they're back with you.

(On the other hand, hearing that a guest only uses "piddle pads"...and only indoors...is not as uncommon as you might think. So don't be shy; just remember to pack enough to cover the stay.)

Dogs really like to eat...

The problem is, they don't think about indigestion until they've got it. And nothing causes an upset tummy more than an abrupt change in diet. So we ask you to provide not only their normal home diet but also explicit instruction on how much to feed, how often and at what times. If you forget to bring the food, no problem. We're happy to run to the store and simply charge your account.

By the way, don't forget the treats! Well over half of our guests pack favorite cookies in their luggage.

...and run around... and sniff...

Hey, it's a dog thing, who are we to tell them that's a restricted activity or only available at a premium? Dogs aren't happy unless they know everything that's going on. We encourage that. (It's as much fun for us to observe their antics as it is for them to carry on, totally unaware of our watchful eyes.) In addition to the in-room attention given every guest by staff, we ask you whether you'd like your dog to enjoy private, one-on-one outdoor time only with our techs or whether you'd prefer play in closely supervised groups with appropriately socialized dogs. You know what's going to make your dog the happiest.

Why do we guarantee all these things?? Because we believe... scratch that, we know... 'if the dog ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.'

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